City as a Service

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We talk a lot about cities and software, as if they are different things. But in so many ways cities really are made of code. Code that ensures their governance, shapes their borders, defines their constituency and allegiances, establishes the fantastically complicated networks of transport, communications and supply chains without which the modern city would hardly make it through the day.

We've been keeping an eye on Helsinki from the start of this project. First of all, because we are fans of Scandinavian urbanism, one the design movements behind some of the most liveable, bikeable, participative places in the world. The City of Helsinki not only has an awesome developer site and over 180 open source repositories, its Region Infoshare program (HRI) is renowned in it's 8 year mission to make the data troves accessible, usable and protected.

Finland tops the list in Digital Public Services in the EU's Digital Economy and Society Index, which says something about commitment.